Tricks and Techniques For Great Pleasure in Pune

Escorts in Pune

Whether you may feel comfortable around women or not are some of the considerations that may cross your thoughts when you book a female escort in Pune. Pune is the best city for escort services, and as every guy does sex differently, there is ample space to express themselves freely in Pune.

When you hire a female escort for the first time, you are expressing a need for sex that you are unable to enjoy with your wife or girlfriend. So to make your sexual experience more pleasurable, here are some tricks and techniques:

Go Down the Girl

Girls in escorts adore oral sex, as it brings them great pleasure, so don’t shy away from it. Delicately biting their nipples, lips, or neck, as well as licking and sensual breathing on their tender areas, gives more intimacy.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in bed, and you will see what you are missing otherwise. When your girl is excited, she will ensure that you both feel the same way and will offer you the best sex you have ever had.

It is also important to discuss your preferences with escort service girls. Communication is the key, as is often said. She should be at ease with everything you want, so make sure she is properly communicated with.

Take things slowly

Foreplay must be engaged in and given ample opportunity in sex space. You will come to understand that during foreplay, you become aroused and on the verge of climaxing. Following that, you repeat the process while enjoying yourself.

Take your time and gradually move things to the next stage instead of rushing to complete the task. Start with kissing, touching, spanking, and sucking. Kiss her first, undress her gradually, and tease her with your hands and mouth.

When you are feeling at ease and in the mood, you engage in penetrative sex. Allow her to groan as loudly as she pleases and go with the flow.

Try Different Positions.

Certain positions, such as the “doggy” and “cowboy,” are used for having intercourse in escorts. If you want to learn about various positions in bed, the escort service in Pune will help you. It will increase your enjoyment and give you the thrill of attempting something new. Over time, you will grow weary of your current positions and look for something new.

Bottom Line

For men who have fewer clues about tricks and techniques to be used during sex, escort services in Pune can help them. This will give men an opportunity to feel pleasurable in many different ways.

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